Ba/yusuke kai Vo/takuto maeda Gt/kazuya fukuda Dr/masaru sasaki (L to R)

COUNTLOST consists of 4 members about the same age, who have different backgrounds and cultures,
Australia, Hong Kong, Malaysia and Japan.
They met each other over 10 years ago..
At that time, in Japan, there were not much bands which had mixture of heavy and emotional sounds like some overseas bands.
They started to decide to create their ideal sounds at their local studio few years later after they met by chance.
After few sessions, they found out that they had some potentialities to Gt. Fukuda's harmony of heavy and delicate sounds, also Vo. Takuto's voice and melody.
In 2004, they formed 'COUNTLOST'.
They started to have their live performances in Tokyo.
Their unique sounds got high reputation locally and got chance to play at 'SUMMER SONIC 07'.
Then they released their 1st disc, 'SEVEN DIRECTIONS' in 2008.
In 2010, they released the album 'CIRCLES' from their own label, 'MEBIUS RECORDS'
After that, they released EP 'MIRROR' and finally their 1st full album 'HUMANGEAR' in 2013.
Their activities are worldwide and they supported NO USE FOR A NAME Japan tour.
Besides, they performed in Taiwan in 2012.
In 2014, they release 2 mini albums '1981' and '1982' which are their birth years.